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George Grosz Attacked by the Stick Men, 1947
Enrique Chagoya People in Bags, 2003
Luis Cruz Azaceta, Self-portrait - Bound Head, 1984
Enrique Chagoya Loyalty, 2003
George Grosz The Smell of Defeat, 1943
Robert Arneson The Colonel is at it Again, 1986
Peter Saul Amboosh, 1975
Peter Saul Biafra (Crummy British Relief), c. 1969
Robert Arneson, Nuke News 1983

Press Release

Inspired by the recent acquisition of watercolors by George Grosz, this themed show features works made in response to global conflict.  Accompanying two Grosz watercolors is a large drawing and collage by Robert Arneson contemplating the threat of nuclear destrcution;  a large-scale pastel by Luis Cruz Azaceta depicting the horrors of torture;  two etchings by Enrique Chagoya addressing the second Buch administration's militaristic ventures in the Middle East;  and Peter Saul's take on Vietnam, along with a work never before exhibited on the 1969 Biafran War.


Not a Pretty Picture will remain on view through February.