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Robert Arneson Guardians of the Secret II
Robert Arneson Guardians of the Secret II
Robert Arneson Study for 
Peter Saul Picasso's "Girl in a Mirror" I
James Valerio Ed
Joan Brown Mary Julia #7
James Barsness The Walled City
Jose Bedia Homage to Wifredo Lam
Ansel Krut Leda and the Swan
Ansel Krut The Flaying of Marsyas
Ansel Krut The Macedonian Women Changed into Birds
Ansel Krut The Mother of Pentheus Wrenches Off His Head
Jack Beal Homage to Millet
Lesley Dill, Wire Dress (Homage to Frida Kalho)
Mel Chin The Elementary Object
James McGarrell Cythera
William T. Wiley
Chester Arnold The Fate of Durable Goods
Robert Barnes Westermainia: Cliff Hanger
Show Announcement
Show Announcement (continued)
Installation View

Press Release

Art about Art
Feb 4 - Feb 27, 1999

Following the January Arneson exhibition, the George Adams Gallery will show Art About Art, a gallery group exhibition featuring paintings, sculpture, drawings and prints that refer to other artists and their art. Besides Arneson's Guardians of the Secret II, Art about Art will include a sly reworking of The Mona Lisa into a self-portrait by Luis Cruz Azaceta,  a subversion of DeKooning's Women  by Peter Saul, and a shocking transformation of a Magritte's Pipe  into three dimensions by Mel Chin.  There is also an update of a Van Eyck portrait by Valerio and a Matisse interior by Joan Brown. Lesley Dill is represented by  an homage to Frida Kahlo and Jose Bedia by an homage to Wifredo Lam. Several quotations from Bruegel are incorporated into a cityscape by James Barsness, images from Goya's Disasters of War are reinterpreted in oils by Ansel Krut, the parade from a Watteau becomes the central motif in a McGarrell and the composition of Gericault Raft of the Medusa sets up a new painting by Chester Arnold. Also included in the exhibition are Robert Barnes, Jack Beal and William T. Wiley.

Exhibition Checklist

Clockwise from the right:

1. Jose Bedia 
Homage to Wifredo Lam, 1998
acrylic on canvas, 8 x 6 feet
JOBp 76

2. Ansel Krut
Leda and the Swan, 1998 
oil on copper, 9 x 11 inches
AKp 02

3. Ansel Krut
The Flaying of Marsyas, 1998 
oil on copper, 9 x 11 inches
AKp 06

4. Ansel Krut
The Macedonian Women Changed into Birds, 1998 
oil on copper, 9 x 11 inches
AKp 04

5. Ansel Krut
The Mother of Pentheus Wrenches Off His Head, 1998 
oil on copper, 9 x 11 inches
AKp 01

6. James McGarrell
Cythera, 1996 
oil on linen
37 x 56 inches

7. Andrew Lenaghan
Homage to Chardin, (Fish Head), 1999
oil on panel, 12 x 16 inches

8. Andrew Lenaghan
Homage to Chardin, (Hanging Quail), 1999
oil on panel, 20 1/4 x 12 inches

9.  Robert Arneson
Guardians of the Secret II, 1989-1990 
glazed ceramic, wood, plexiglass, steel and mixed medium
96 x 120 x 24 inches,  RAs 21

10. Robert Arneson
Study for 'Guardians of the Secret II', 1989-90 
pencil, charcoal, pastel on paper, 108 x 120 inches
RAd 47

11. William T. Wiley 
NoWheres That Blame Treaty, 1979
soft-ground etching and aquatint, 48 x 39 inches
WTWr 1

12. Jack Beal 
Homage to Millet, 1999
pastel on paper, 25 x 19 1/2 inches
JBd 43

13. James Barness 
The Walled City, 1996
acrylic and pen on paper, mounted on canvas
73 1/4 x 91 1/8 inches,  JBARp 10

14. James Valerio 
ED, 1996
pencil on paper, 21 1/2 x 26 inches
JVd 24

15. Luis Cruz Azaceta 
El Monoliso, 1985
crayon and pencil on paper, 30 x 22 inches
LCAd 126

16. Lesley Dill 
Wire Dress (Homage to Frida Kalho), 1999
wire, thread, cloth, gold-leaf, 54 x 42 inches
LDs 103

17. Joan Brown 
Mary Julia #7, 1976
acrylic, pencil, crayon on paper
36 x 24 1/8 inches,  JBRd 31

18. Mel Chin 
The Elementary Object, 1993
mixed media, 10 x 12 3/4 x 3 1/2 inches
MCs 11

19. Chester Arnold 
The Fate of Durable Goods, 1999
oil on linen,42 x 50 inches
CAp 15

20. Robert Barnes
Westermainia:  Cliff Hanger, 1983
oil on canvas, 36 x 38 inches
RBp 17

21.  Peter Saul 
Picasso's 'Girl in a Mirror' I, 1978
acrylic on board, 40 x 30 inches
PSd 37