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Sandy Winters, 'Family Tree,' 2010
Roy De Forest Watching for the Outriders, 1976-77
Joan Brown, 'Al Jolson,' 1960
Elmer Bischoff, 'The River,' 1953
Alain Vaes, 'Eagle,' 2007
Amer Kobaslija, 'Winter,' 2008
Amer Kobaslija, 'First Snow,' 2008
Kako Ueda, 'Quiet,' 2010
Ron Nagle, 'The Gelato Enabler,' 2009
Valerie Demianchuk, 'Untitled (Cactus),' 2001
Diane Edison, 'Mary,' 2009
Robert Arneson, 'Pollock Mask #5,' 1983
Robert Arneson, 'Head Eater,' 1991
Andrew Lenaghan, 'Gowanus Scrap Works from Lowes Parking Lot,' 2010
Andrew Lenaghan, 'F Train Bridge from Lowes Parking Lot,' 2010
Robert Arneson, '4-Brick Portrait,' 1981
Lesley Dill, 'Thrill,' 2009
Michael Ferris Jr., 'Maria,' 2008-09
H.C. Westermann, 'Mr. Goo #1,' 1966

Press Release

During July and August the George Adams Gallery presents an exhibition of recent and old works by gallery artists. Titled New and Classic, artists Lesley Dill, Diane Edison, Michael Ferris, Amer Kobaslija, Andrew Lenaghan, Ron Nagle, Kako Ueda, Alain Vaes, and Sandy Winters are all represented by works from 2009 and 2010, while Robert Arneson, Elmer Bischoff, Joan Brown, Roy DeForest, and Valerie Demianchuk are represented by older “classics.”

Among the new works in the exhibition are two paintings from a developing series of view of Balthus’ studio by Amer Kobaslija, a new cut paper work by Kako Ueda with an emphasis on drawing, a new color pencil portrait by Diane Edison, two views of the Gowanus by Andrew Lenaghan completed this past June, and an 8 x 6 foot panel drawing by Sandy Winters.

Notable among the “classics” are three paintings; Joan Brown’s large abstraction Al Jolson’s Mammy #2 of 1960, Roy DeForest’s Watching for the Outriders from 1976, and Elmer Bischoff’s The River from 1953.

In addition to New and Classic, a selection of graphic works by H.C. Westermann is on view in the Drawing Gallery. H.C. Westermann: Woodcuts, Linocuts, and Lithographs 1962-1975 showcases an extremely rare complete set of his Disaster in the Skies, a five-part series of black and white linocuts - his first effort at printmaking - from 1962. These prints were never editioned and, with the exception of probably no more than five complete sets mailed to special friends or relatives, were given individually in the 1960s and 1970s.

The other prints in the exhibition are Death Ship of No Port, Red Planet J and Green Planet, his first color lithographs printed in 1967, The Human Fly, his first woodcut made in 1971, and the 1975 color woodcut The Dance of Death (San Pedro), the third impression from his six part opus The Connecticut Ballroom.

New and Classic and H.C. Westermann: Woodcuts, Linocuts and Lithographs will be on view through August 20th, after which the gallery will be closed for the remainder of the summer.

Summer hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10-5 pm and Mondays by appointment. For further information and exhibition visuals, please visit the gallery’s website at


Sandy Winters
Family Tree, 2010
graphite, oil, block print collage on panel
96 x 72 inches
SWp 64

Roy Deforest
Watching for the Outriders, 1976-77
acrylic polymer on canvas
60 x 68 inches
RDp 46

Joan Brown
Al Jolson’s Mammy #2, 1960
enamel on canvas
69 x 69 inches
JBRp 71

Elmer Bischoff
The River, 1953
oil on canvas
56 x 56 inches
EBp 13

5. (window)
Alain Vaes
Eagle, 2007
watercolor on paper
18 7/8 x 16 inches
AVd 01

Amer Kobaslija
Winter, 2008
oil on wood
12 x 30 x 1 ¾ inches
AKop 112

Kako Ueda
Quiet, 2010
Watercolor, acrylic, collage, cut and folded paper
17 x 12 inches
KUs 18

Ron Nagle
The Gelato Enabler, 2009
4 x 4 ¼ x 7 inches
RNags 34

Valerie Demianchuk
Untitled (Cactus), 2001
pencil on paper
29 x 23 inches
VDd 05

Amer Kobaslija
First Snow, 2008
oil on wood
12 x 30 x 1 ¾ inches
AKop 113

11. (window)
Diane Edison
Mary’s Baby, Mommy’s Daughter, 2009
colored pencil on black paper
44 x 30 inches
DEd 49

Robert Arneson
Pollock Mask #5, 1983
glazed ceramic
15 x 11 x 6 ½ inches
RAs 211

Robert Arneson
Head Eater, 1991
glazed ceramic, edition of 6
15 ½ x 21 ½ x 5 ½ inches
RAs 174

Andrew Lenaghan
Gowanus Scrap Works from Lowes Parking Lot, 2010
oil on panel
24 x 32  inches
AnLp 556

Andrew Lenaghan
F Train Bridge from Lowes Parking Lot, 2010
oil on panel
24 x 32 inches
AnLp 557

H.C. Westermann
Mr. Goo #1, 1966
chrome plated bronze, edition of 2
14 x 11 x 4 5/8 inches
HCWs 23

Lesley Dill
Thrill, 2009
cast bronze
17 x 15 x 11 inches
LDs 273

Michael Ferris Jr.
Maria, 2008-09
recycled wood, acrylic pigmented grout paper
22 x 17 x 16 inches
MFers 16