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Sandy Winters Inferno Ex Machina
Sandy Winters Man-O-War
Sandy Winters Gnome
Sandy Winters Body Work
Sandy Winters Juggernaut
Sandy Winters Dressed to Kill
Show Announcement  
Show Announcement (continued)

Press Release

In September the George Adams Gallery will exhibit new works by Sandy Winters. The exhibition, titled  Bodywork after a large-scale work in the show, features six constructed paintings completed within the past year.

Winters' previous exhibition at the gallery in spring of 1998, Fresh Cuts, was a site-specific installation that covered most of the gallery's exhibition walls with weathered sheets of plywood, rusted tin on which Winters had drawn and painted. In the current exhibition Winters continues to work with a wide range of found materials - plywood, tin, bark, aluminum, copper tubing, dowels, rubber tires - but in discrete, sculptural forms roughly 6 x 7 feet. As in her previous works, Winters builds irregularly shaped forms with a variety of textures over which she paints anthropomorphic forms - half organic, half mechanical. The combination of the painted imagery, the materials and the format results in suggestively complex narratives with  titles such as, for example, Man-O-War, Dressed to Kill and Inferno Ex Machina.

Sandy Winters, who has been exhibiting regularly with the gallery since 1990, moved to New York from Miami in 1998. She currently lives and works in New York City and teaches in the art department at City College.

Exhibition Checklist

1. Body Work, 2000
metal, wood, oil, and bark
85 x 74 1/2x6  inches
SWp 42

2. Gnome, 2000
oil, wood, and metal
86 1/2 x 85 x 6 inches
SWp 46

3. Juggernaut, 2000
oil, wood, and metal
68 x 82 x 6 inches
SWp 43

4. Inferno Ex Machina, 1999
oil, wood, and metal
74 x 95 x 7 inches
SWp 41

5. Man-O-War, 2000
oil, wood, and metal
73 x 75 x 6 inches
SWp 45

6. Dressed to Kill, 2000
oil, wood, and metal
69 1/2 x 94 x 6 inches
SWp 44