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Robert Arneson  Balderdash-dash  1978
Robert Arneson  Advanced Stage of Ceramophilia  1991
Elmer Bischoff  Untitled  1948
Elmer Bischoff  Untitled  1949
Joan Brown  The Dancers  1971
Enrique Chagoya  Dystopian Cannibals  2013
Enrique Chagoya  Cartography  2002
Roy DeForest  Untitled  c.1959
Roy DeForest  Untitled  1961
Roy DeForest  A Bird in Hand  1965
Roy DeForest  Lily of the Valley  c. 1960
Lesley Dill  I Suddenly Touch  2002
Lesley Dill  Innocent (Chinese)  2002
Amer Kobaslija  Nainoraki (In Memory of Leslie Lerner)  2013
Amer Kobaslija  Con te Partiro  2013
Lino Lago  [economy]  2013
Andrew Lenaghan  Q Train Tracks Parkside Ave, Brooklyn 6/15  2012
Kako Ueda  Antennae  2005-06
Mark Rothko  The Last Supper  1941
Jack Tworkov  Flowering White  1949
Tom Wesselmann  Great American Nude #60  1965