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James Valerio Chicago, 2002
James Valerio Studio Exit, 2003
James Valerio Laila with Quinces, 2001
James Valerio Monkey Still-life, 1994
James Valerio Models on Studio Floor, 1998
James Valerio The Bride, 1995
James Valerio Wilmette Night (Pat's Convalescence), 1999
James Valerio Still-life with Melons, 1997-1999
James Valerio Bed, 1996
James Valerio Backyard, 1993
James Valerio Dutch Treat, 1993
James Valerio Translucent (Self-portrait), 1996
James Valerio Nude Back, 2000
James Valerio Laila, 2001
James Valerio Laila #2, 2001
James Valerio Stacked Landscape, 2003
James Valerio Installation View

Press Release

Starting April 3, 2003, George Adams Gallery will present a ten-year survey of paintings by James Valerio.  The exhibition will include six large-scale paintings completed between 1993 and 2003, as well as three recent drawings. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full color catalogue, with an essay by John Arthur.

The exhibition include examples of both Valerio's still-life and narrative figurative paintings, including his to most recent works, Chicago 2002 and Studio Exit, 2003. One of the few times Valerio has tackled the urban landscape, and certanly the only time he has presented it in such closely rendered detail,  Chicago depicts the view from the north side of Chicago looking toward the center of the city. Included in the composition is near life-scale self-portrait of the artist, who was born and raised there. Studio Exit, can be in many respects a self-portrait in that Valerio intended to depict his workplace in such a way as to suggest his presence without a visible figure.

Other paintings in the exhibition include Wilmette Nights (Pat's convalescence) 1999, a portrait of his wife following an operation, and Laila with Quinces 2001,  one  of Vallerio's most sensuous nudes posed seated holding a plate of fruit. In addition there is the large still life Melons 1997, an homage to the Dutch masters and Monkey Still-life from 1994, one of Valerio more surreal compositions that includes a toy monkey that provides the title, as well as a plaster-cast self-portrait resting in tinfoil.

Exhibition Checklist

1. Chicago , 2002
oil on canvas
60 x 72 inches
JVp 20

2.  Still Life with Melons, 1997
oil on canvas
96 x 84 inches
JVp 23

3. Studio Exit, 2003
oil on canvas
96 x 84 inches
JVp 22

4. Wilmette Night (Pat's Convalescence), 1999
oil on canvas
72 x 90 inches
JVp 24

5. Nude Back, 2000
pencil on paper
28 9/16 x 40 3/16 inches
JVd 43

6. Monkey Still-life, 1994
oil on canvas
72 x 84"
JVp 08

7. Laila, 2001
pencil on paper
40 x 28 1/2 inches
JVd 46

8. Laila with Quinces, 2001
oil on canvas
84 x 72 inches
JVp 21

9. Laila #2, 2001
pencil on paper
28 3/4 x 22 inches
JVd 47

10. Stacked Landscape, 2003
pencil on paper
40 x 29 inches
JVd 48