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James Valerio, Translucent, 1996
James Valerio, Bed
James Valerio, Dandelion Dream
James Valerio D.D.
James Valerio Towel
James Valerio Evasive
James Valerio Fear
James Valerio Ed

Press Release



MARCH 4th  -  28th

During March the George Adams Gallery will exhibit new paintings and drawings by James Valerio. The exhibition will feature three new large-scale  - up to 8’x10’ - canvasses and five related works on paper.

The three paintings in the exhibition include a self-portrait titled “Translucent,” an elaborate composition with three figures; “Bed,” a painting of an unmade bed that is unusual for the artist in its tonal palette and abstract composition; and “Dandelion Dreams,” a surreal view of two reclining nudes, a satin bedcover and dandelion seeds all suspended in mid-air. 

The works on paper include detail studies from each of the paintings, notably a drawing of the towel in “Bed,” studies for the two figures in “Dandelion Dreams,” and a portrait that is the basis for the seated figure in “Translucent.”

The Valerio exhibition will be on view from March 4th through March 28th. The gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 6; Saturdays from 10 to 5; and Mondays by appointment.



1.    D.D., 1996
    pencil on paper
    29 x 23 inches

2.     Translucent, 1996
    oil on canvas
    8 x 7 feet

3.     Fear, 1995
    pencil on paper
    25 x 20 inches

4.     Dandelion Dream, 1995
    oil on canvas
    92 x 110 inches

5.     Evasive, 1995
    pencil on paper
    17 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches

6.     Towel, 1996
    pencil on paper
    23 x 29 inches

7.     Ed, 1996
    pencil on paper
    26 x 21 1/2 inches

8.     Bed, 1996
    oil on canvas
    84 x 72 inches