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James Valerio Comc Times, 2006-2007
James Valerio A Door, 2006
James Valerio Sharon, 2007
James Valerio Seymour, 2007
James Valerio Heather, 2006
James Valerio Self-portrait with Refrigerator, 2007
James Valerio Joe, 2005
James Valerio Installation View
James Valerio Installation View
James Valerio Show Announcement
James Valerio Show Announcement (continued)

Press Release

During September and October, George Adams Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by James Valerio in the main gallery space. Concurrently in the drawing gallery will be the debut exhibition of collage works by Charles Marsh.

Throughout his 40-year career, James Valerio has consistently presented large-scale, meticulously detailed figurative and still life paintings that purposefully blur the line between real and surreal. Working from photographs and from life, Valerio gives equal attention to both essential and mundane details within his compositions, delivering a heightened playing field of pattern, flesh tones, color and shadow. In Comic Times (2006-07) for example, a couple sits in a living room reading the comics section of the newspaper.  The room is a brilliant cacophony of patterns and textures---the lacey texture of the window curtain contrasts with the dark floral pattern of the couch, which sets off the brightly colored grids of the comics.  Similarly, the most recent painting in the exhibition, Refrigerator (2007) presents a self-portrait of the artist standing next to an open refrigerator.  As if to suggest that "you are what you eat," the inside of the fridge reveals a half-eaten chicken, a plate of raw meat, a drawer full of leafy greens along with a sundry of eggs, fruit and condiments housed in the door.

Also included in the exhibition are two additional paintings A Door, which depicts the artist peering through a frosted window adjacent to an old and dilapidated door and Heather, a portrait of a seated woman holding a lace scarf and pink flower.  Two pencil drawings, Seymour, a figure who also appears in Comic Times, and Sharon will be on view as well.

James Valerio: New Paintings and Drawings will be on view through October 27th.


1. Comic Times, 2006-2007
Oil on canvas
96 x 96 inches
JVp 29

2. Sharon, 2007
Pencil on paper
40 x 28 5/8 inches
JVd 57

3. Heather, 2006
Oil on canvas
84 x 72 inches
JVp 31

4. Seymour, 2007
Pencil on paper
32 1/4 x 28 5/8 inches
JVd 58

5. Self-portrait with Refrigerator, 2007
Oil on canvas
84 x 96 inches
JVp 32

6. A Door, 2006
Oil on canvas
96 x 84 inches
JVp 30

Front Window

7. Joe, 2005
Pencil on paper
27 1/4 x 24 inches
JVd 53