Press Release

Going Places

Jun 17 - Aug 16, 1996

During July and August the George Adams Gallery will show works by gallery artists in a thematic show titled Going Places. The exhibition, which will feature works in all media, includes Robert Arneson, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Jim Barsness, Jose Bedia, Joan Brown, Roy DeForest, Andrew Lenaghan, James McGarrell, Arnaldo Roche, Peter Saul and James Valerio.

The theme of the exhibition is travel to places both real and imagined, and includes images of departure, transportation, the journey, as well as destinations. Works in the exhibition include Bedia's mixed media installation Things that Drag Me Along which formed the centerpiece of his recent exhibition, Barsness' large-scale collage fantasy  Out of the Crib, Lenaghan's miniature views of the beach at Coney Island, Azaceta's sparely painted La Familia Balseros, and Saul's good-naturedly tulmultuous View of San Francisco.

Exhibition Checklist


1. James McGarrell
Three Ships, Two Umbrellas, 1993
monotype with pastel on paper
26 1/2 x 30 1/2 inches


2. James Valerio
California Landscape, 1984
graphite on paper
29 5/8 x 4 1/2 inches


3. James Valerio
Monkey Still Life, 1994
oil on canvas
84 x 72 inches


4. Roy DeForest
Untitled (Devils in Airplane), 1991
acrylic, pastel, mm/paper on wood, celuclay
42 3/4 x 45 1/2 x 4 inches


5. Peter Saul
Ronald Reagan in Grenada, 1984
oil, acrylic, on canvas
84 x 72 inches


6. Luis Cruz Azaceta
La Familia/Balseros, 1994
acrylic, charcoal, Polaroids, shellac on canvas
84 x 108 inches


7. James Barsness
Outside the Crib, 1994
ink, acrylic, collage on canvas
84 x 108 inches


8. Joan Brown
New Year's Eve #2, 1973
enamel, collage on canvas
72 x 84 inches


9. Jose Bedia
Las Cosas Que Me Arrastran (The Things Which Drag Me Along), 1996
wax crayon, acrylic, found objects
10 x 21 feet (wall), 30 feet (floor)


10. Willard Midgette
Woods, Skowhegan, Maine #3, 1977
oil on masonite
10 1/4 x 13 inches


11. Willard Midgette
Woods, Skowhegan, Maine #5, 1977
oil on masonite
12 x 10 1/4 inches


12. Andrew Lenaghan
Coney Island Beach, 1996
oil on panel
8 x 13 inches


13. Andrew Lenaghan
The Thunderbolt, Spring, 1996
oil on panel
8 x 13 inches


14. William Beckman
Soybean Field, Maynard, MI, 1980
oil on paper
7 1/8 x 13 1/4 inches


15. Jose Bedia
Mato Tatanka (Bear/Bull), 1995
acrylic on canvas
71 1/2 x 119 inches