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Carlos Alfonzo, Chairs and Figure
Luis Cruz Azaceta
Arnaldo Roche-Rabell The Black Man Always Hides His Left Hand
Jose Bedia Las Pasiones
Enrique Chagoya Martyrdom of St. Andrew
Enrique Chagoya Rousseau and the Young Ladies
Jose Bedia Sacrifio
Jose Bedia Nkunia Mbele
Enrique Chagoya Le Temps Peut Passer Vite or Lentemente
Carlos Alfonzo Head I
Rosana Palazyan Mãe-Filho/Mother-Son
Rosana Palazyan Mãe e Filho/Mother and Son

Press Release


Four Latin American Artists

Nov 20 - Dec 24, 1998

During November and December, the George Adams Gallery is exhibiting works by Latin American artists Azaceta, Bedia, Palazyan and Roche. The exhibition includes large and small-scale paintings, sculpture, and an installation.

Luis Cruz Azaceta is represented by signature paintings from 1986, all self-portraits, and all dealing with human suffering. Time Man depicts the artist, head severed from his torso, holding a large clock. In Abandoned, the artist appears alone cowering in the landscape. Finally, in AIDS Count II, a painting from his series on AIDS, the artist paints himself surrounded by number (as reference to statistics of AIDS-related deaths).

Jose Bedia's works include two new large-scale canvases, Su Madriguera (His Lair) and Paisaje con cazadores que recuerda a otro (Landscape with Hunters Remembering Each Other) as well as a wall-mounted sculpture, El lugar que se ocupará (The Place that He will Occupy). All three works deal with aspects of the relationship between humans and animals.

Rosana Palyzan, who had her New York debut exhibition at the gallery last May, will be represented by a new installation, Pinball Arcade which features three toy games incorporating illustrated stories of brutal sex crimes committed against children. The juxtaposition of the games with the narrative of the crimes, simply rendered in colored pencil, makes these stories all the more horrific.

Arnaldo Roche is represented by three paintings, one a classic self-portrait from 1990 titled Blind Dreams and a nearly abstract painting of a bell tied up in ropes,One Witness Should be Enough, from 1996. There is also an oil on paper from 1989.

Exhibition Checklist

Clockwise from the right:

1. Carlos Alfonzo
Chairs and Figure, 1989
oil on canvas
65 x 61 inches
CALp 3

2. Rosana Palazyan
Mãe-Filho/Mother-Son, 1997
embroidery on dress
39 1/2 x 17 inches
RPs 01

3. Luis Cruz Azaceta
Latin American Victims of Dictators, Oppression, Torture, and Murder, 1987
acrylic on canvas
76 1/2 x 168 inches
LCAp 64

4. Rosana Palazyan
Mãe e Filho/Mother and Son, 1996
embroidery on baby blanket
30 x 19 1/2 inches
RPs 07

5. Arnaldo Roche-Rabell
The Black Man Always Hides His Left Hand, 1993
oil on canvas
78 x 78
ARp 49

6. Jose Bedia
Las Pasiones, 1997
acrylic on paper
38 x 49 3/4 inches
JoBd 31

7. Enrique Chagoya
Martyrdom of St. Andrew, 1997
acrylic, ink on paper
19 x 25 inches
ECd 4

8. Enrique Chagoya
Rousseau and the Young Ladies, 1997
acrylic, ink on paper 
19 x 25 inches
ECd 5

9. Jose Bedia
Sacrifio, 1999
acrylic and conte on canvas
99 x 59 1/2 inches
JoBp 80

10. Jose Bedia
Nkunia Mbele, 1999
acrylic on canvas
71 1/2 x 99 3/4
JoBp 81

11. Enrique Chagoya
Le Temps Peut Passer Vite or Lentemente, 1999
mixed media on Amate paper
47 x 47 inches
ECd 3

12. Carlos Alfonzo
Head I, 1990
monotype, ink on paper
31 x 22 1/2 inches
CALd 6

13. Nahum Zenil
Self-Portraits with Angels, 1992
ink, collage on paper
38 1/2 x 30 1/2 inches
NZd 1