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Robert Arneson, I Have My Eyes on Me Endlessly
Robert Arneson, Elvis II
Robert Arneson, This Head is Mine
James Barsness, Runaway Train
Jose Bedia, Confusion del Oso Hormiguero/ Confusion of the Ant Eater
Jose Bedia, Uteno Kasaye / Angry Uteno
Enrique Chagoya, Illegal Alien's School of Art and Architecture
Enrique Chagoya, The Burden of Freedom
Enrique Chagoya, Untitled (Humpty Dumpty & Buddha)
Leslie Dill, Poem Tee Shirt #3
Leslie Dill, Arid Pleasure
Leslie Dill, Sounds of War
Leslie Dill, Large Poem Dress (A Single Screw)
Michael Ferris, Dennis
Amer Kobaslija, South of the Border, West of the Sun III
Amer Kobaslija, Con Te Partiro II
Amer Kobaslija, Janitor's Closet
James Valerio, From the Window