Peter Saul: New Paintings 
May 4 – 31, 1989


During the month of may the Frumkin/Adams Gallery will show a group of new paintings and drawings by Peter Saul. The new works, which carry forward ideas evolved over the artist’s thirty-year career, feature more intense handling of surface and color as well as the usual pot-shots at the American way of life, including pet lovers, suburban life, as well as the artist himself. One work, for example, depicts a dog crucifixion, while another, “Modern Home,” shows a ranch-style house luridly colored and rendered in a proto-cubist style. The painting is reproduced in color on a poster that accompanies the exhibition. There is also a Siamese headed self-portrait and a drawing of a shaggy dog with beret and brushes titled “Rembrandt Dog.”


The current exhibition heralds a major retrospective of Peter Saul’s work from 1960 to the present. The show is scheduled to open in Aspen in June and will travel to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago from September 16th to November 12th. An illustrated catalogue includes an autobiographical essay by the artist and a critical essay by Robert Storr.


The Frumkin/Adams exhibition runs from May 2nd through the month. The gallery hours are from 10 to 6, Tuesday through Friday and from 10 to 5:30 on Saturdays.