Press Release

George Adams Gallery and Pavel Zoubok Gallery jointly present, ‘Masterclass’, an exhibition drawing on artists of the 20th century who, although largely outside of the mainstream during their lives, nonetheless made art that was ambitious in scope and scale. Though the exhibition is in no way comprehensive, many of the artists exhibited have been overlooked or under-appreciated for any number of reasons. In many ways, some them seem ahead of their time, but more to the point they were - and are - all innovators and experimenters.

Featuring work by: Gertrude Abercrombie, Alice Aycock, Hannelore Baron, Mary Bauermeister, Lynda Benglis, Biala, Joan Brown, Clyde Connell, Chryssa, Sari Dienes, Nancy Grossman, Grace Hartigan, Miyoko Ito, Shirley Jaffe, Louise Kruger, June Leaf, Isobel Steele MacKinnon, Alice Trumbull Mason, Ana Mendieta, Vera Molnar, Alice Neel, Senga Nengudi, Louise Nevelson, Gladys Nilsson, Judy Pfaff, Howardena Pindell, Deborah Remington, Anne Ryan, Kay Sage, Carolee Schneemann, Michelle Stuart, Dorothea Tanning, Lenore Tawney, Joyce Treiman, Martha Wilson, May Wilson, Marguerite Zorach