Press Release

During November and December the George Adams Gallery will present an exhibition of new and sites specific paintings by Spanish artist Lino Lago. This is Lago’s third exhibition with the gallery since his debut in 2011.


The exhibition, titled “Hide and Seek,” consists of two parts: an installation of paintings on panel and paper in the Drawing Gallery, and 8 oils on paper or panel installed around Manhattan in unexpected locations. A map suggesting the locations of these works is provided, and the viewer is encouraged to seek them out. Some of the locations are more obvious – the facade of a building or storefront, while others are much more obscure – the underside of a staircase or a traffic control box.


All of Lago’s work addresses the idea of appropriateness: he splatters paint or otherwise obscures his subject), the value of an artwork  (cut in half or torn so that they are “damaged” or attached permanently to a surface whereby the cannot be owned), even the ability to view the work, all of which are addressed in the current exhibition.