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Katherine Sherwood: In the Garden of the Yelling Clinic - Publications - George Adams Gallery

With an introduction by Walter Maciel and essays by Katherine Sherwood, Ginny Treanor and Farley Gwazda.

This catalogue is the first in-depth examination into the development of Sherwood’s work, with a focus on the past decade and her Venus, Brain Flower, and Pandemic Madonna series’ of paintings. Sherwood explores themes such as feminism, disability and race, more recently through her appropriation of art-historical images, considered within the context of the artist’s own disability and activism. Through a series of essays, including one by Sherwood herself, the catalogue elucidates the complexities of Sherwood’s paintings and concerns she addresses in her work.

64 pages
42 illustrations
8 x 10 inches
ISBN: 9780984986941



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