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Katherine Sherwood, Olympia, 2014

Katherine Sherwood, Olympia, 2014. Acrylic and mixed media on recycled linen, 78 x 89 inches.

Katherine Sherwood is included in the exhibition Hella Feminist at the Oakland Museum of California.

Bringing together historical objects from the museum's collection with contemporary artworks, the exhibition looks to challenge, provoke, and inspire visitors to reconsider and expand their understanding of feminism and its complicated history. Katherine Sherwood's 2014 painting Olympia, included in the exhibition, recalls Édouard Manet's painting of the same name, however Sherwood's interpretation includes allusions to her own disability, such as collaged fMRI scans and the figure depicted with a leg brace.

Hella Feminist opens at the Oakland Museum on July 29, 2022.