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Robert Arneson, Nuclear War Head #1, 1983


Robert Arneson, Nuclear War Head #1, 1983. Acrylic, oil stick and acrylic on paper, 43 x 53 inches.

Karen Nikos-Rose has recently posted a story to the UC Davis Arts Blog on Robert Arneson's Anti-War works, as well as Kathryn Olmsted's contribution to our catalog on the series. The post provides an overview of Olmsted's essay for the catalog and her previous work, as well as details on Arneson's career in context to Bay Area politics and his thirty-year tenure as professor at UC Davis. Nikos-Rose writes "Arneson, true to form, took his political feelings and activism to his clay, paint and paper, creating what is often painful, crushing commentary on the 1980s arms race."

Read the full post here.