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Matjames Metson, A Tower [detail] (2023) at George Adams Gallery. Photo by Ben Davis.

Matjames Metson, A Tower (2023) at George Adams Gallery. Photo by Ben Davis.

In his monthly "What I'm Looking At," column, Ben Davis cites Matjames Metson's sculpture as his favorite recent find. 

"The favorite thing I’ve seen recently is this sculpture by Matjames Metson, shown solo in a back room at George Adams Gallery in New York." Davis notes the vast array of objects included in its making: "...little pocket knives displayed in tiny windows, details made of pearl buttons, rows of sharpened pencils that resemble Gothic ornament, collaged bits of old love letters salvaged from estate sales...It’s just very fun to spend time circling it, looking for all the little secrets Metson has nested within all its crannies and compartments." 

The sculpture will be on view through October 28.