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Amer Kobaslija, 'Ruined House Near Kesennuma Port II,' 2013.


Amer Kobaslija, Ruined House Near Kesennuma Port II, 2013. Oil on plexi-glass, 3 3/4 x 3 7/8 inches.

Our survey exhibition of painting by Amer Kobaslija has been reviewed by Hovey Brock for the Brooklyn Rail.


Brock writes: "The twenty-two paintings in this ten-year survey of Amer Kobaslija’s work at the George Adams Gallery varied widely in size. The two largest were well over six feet across, while the smallest measured three-and-a-half inches to a side. The subject matter fell roughly into two buckets: interiors with the flattened perspective of a fish-eye lens, and panoramic, often equally distorted views of desolate or ruined landscapes—Kobaslija’s “spaces” and “places.” For all these scenes, people were noticeably absent, as if they represented empty stages waiting for an entrance. In a few exceptions there was at most a solitary figure in the picture, usually with his or her back turned. Kobaslija’s virtuosic paint handling—the true dramatis personae—united this body of work. While the larger pieces had wonderful passages, the densely packed brushwork of the very smallest paintings was electrifying..."