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Doug Biggert, Hitchhiker Series (Coca Cola), c. 1981

Doug Biggert, Hitchhiker Series (Coca Cola), c. 1981. Unique c-print, 3 1/2 x 5 1/8 inches.

Our exhibition of photographs by Doug Biggert, Hitchhikers and a Sandal Shop, has been reviewed by Megan May Walsh for Musée Magazine.

"Strangers carry a certain allure to them," Walsh writes. "They each have a story, a story yet to be known or a story imagined for them by fellow strangers. Perhaps they are lost souls wandering the ends of the Earth to discover a greater purpose awaiting them or perhaps they are adventure-seekers hoping to discover a new marvel of the natural world. The possibilities and complexity are endless, and photographer Doug Biggert made it his project to collect the possibilities and complexities of strangers’ stories."