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Katherine Sherwood, ‘Ham and Pewter (after M.V.O.),’ 2022. Mixed media on found material.

Katherine Sherwood, Ham and Pewter (after M.V.O.), 2022. Mixed media on found material.

Paintings by Katherine Sherwood are included in Beholding Relations, an online exhibition organized by Unit London.

Curated by Yates Norton and David Ruebain, the exhibition takes the Social Model of disability as its foundation, which contends that, beyond medical or quasi-medical impairments, we are disabled by certain environments and relationships. Norton and Ruebain believe, however, that when constructed in ways which respond to our inherent desire and need for connection, these environments and relationships can also be a source of liberation. The works by the artists and writers included speak to these themes through their varied lived experiences or allyship. Ultimately, the exhibition offers a series of reflections – departure points for thoughts and feelings that may flow from expressions of defiance, resilience, love, joy, pain, hope and from our complex interdependencies.

The exhibition will be on view online through September 30.