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Katherine Sherwood, 'After Ingres,' 2014.

Katherine Sherwood, After Ingres, 2014. Acrylic, collage and mixed media on recycled linen, 84 x 105 inches.

Now on view at the Palo Alto Art Center, California: The Art of Disability Culture: Artists with Disabilities Dispelling Myths, Dissolving Barriers, and Disrupting Prejudice, including works by Katherine Sherwood.

The exhibition is a robust celebration of the diverse, personal, and infinitely varied “disability experience.” Sherwood is featured among over 20 artists, with paintings from her series of ’Healers and Venuses of the Yelling Clinic.’ Both series’ reference the disability arts collective that she cofounded in 2012, the Yelling Clinic, which mixes artistic practice with community outreach, art instruction and activism. Sherwood’s Healers are constructed figures which suggest the healing of injury or trauma, whereas her Venuses reimagine the classical odalisque, given obvious allusions to disability.

The Art of Disability Culture is on view through December 11, 2021. More information here.