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Installation view of 'The Art of Disability' at Ruth's Table, San Francisco

Katherine Sherwood, After Ingres, 2014. Acrylic, collage and mixed media on recycled linen, 84 x 105 inches.

Katherine Sherwood is included in The Art of Disability Culture at the San Francisco-based arts non-profit Ruth's Table, a continuation of the exhibition of the same name which debuted at the Palo Alto Art Center last year.

The Art of Disability Culture expands upon our understanding of the experience of living with a disability, and looks to artists with disabilities to offer a new perspective on the issue. Katherine Sherwood, whose life was significantly altered by a stroke in 1997, explains that her own disability "fueled a further examination of art history and how artists with disabilities fit into (and outside of) that narrative." In the decades following her stroke, Sherwood has used her art as a platform to speak on disability rights and representation in the arts. Included in the exhibition is her 2014 painting After Ingres, an example of her series of Venuses of the Yelling Clinic, which interpolates nuanced allusions to disability into classical odalisques.

See The Art of Disability Culture at Ruth's Table, San Francisco, through May 20, 2022.