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Joan Brown, 'Model with Drawings,' 1973.


Installation view, Joan Brown, Drawn from Life, George Adams Gallery, New York, 2020.

We’re pleased to share the video-format review of our recent exhibition of works on paper by Joan Brown, Drawn from Life, by Rob Colvin for Arts Magazine, the new, digital successor to the print legacy Arts Magazine (1926-1992). In his analysis, Colvin notes the compositional elements of Brown’s drawing practice, and distinguishes what set her work apart from that of her contemporaries. He notes that the works in the exhibition "reveal a fluidic energy and elegance expressed through deceptively strong compositions. These lesser-seen works are set in stylistic contrast to those she was exhibiting during those years." He continues, “To appreciate the intelligence of these works, note how she positions the figure within the picture plane, pushing limbs to the limit which shows both invention and dynamic strategy. Matisse did this, but by loosening the human anatomy, or other expressive ends.”
Watch the full review below: