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Gregory Gillespie Studio Still Life 1978

Gregory Gillespie, Studio: Still Life, 1978. Mixed media on panel, 74 1/4 x 60 9/16 in.

Collection of Barbara B. Millhouse, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Winston-Salem, NC.

Gregory Gillespie is included in the exhibition The Voyage of Life: Art, Allegory and Community Response at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Winston-Salem, NC. 

This exhibition features works from the museum's permanent collection which illuminate the tumultuousness of everyday life, such as Gillespie's 1978 Studio: Still Life. Though technically a still life, Gillespie’s multifaceted studio scene exemplifies his sustained interest in portraiture, as well as his knowledge of painting techniques used by renaissance masters such as Masaccio and Crivelli. Notably, Gillespie included a self-portrait in this work, seen peering in through the left-hand window.

See this painting at the Reynolda House Museum through December 12, 2021.