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Enrique Chagoya, 'Goya conoce a Posada (Goya Meets Posada,' from the suite of etchings 'Homage to Goya II: Disasters of War,' 2003.

Enrique Chagoya, Goya conoce a Posada (Goya Meets Posada), from the series Homage to Goya II: Disasters of War, 2003. Suite of 10 etchings, 13 x 15 inches.

Enrique Chagoya is included in a three-person exhibition alongside Francisco Goya (1746–1828) and José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913) at the Wadsworth Antheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT. 

Goya, Posada, Chagoya: Three Generations of Satirists exemplifies how these three artists examine their respective cultures through printmaking to establish a visual dialogue about the shared human condition. Prominently featured in the exhibition is Chagoya's 2003 Homage to Goya II: Disasters of War, a suite of ten etchings done after Goya's series from the early nineteenth-century addressing the Napoleonic invasion of Spain. In the series, Chagoya updates and expands upon Goya's imagery to reflect the issues of contemporary society. Goya and Posada have both significantly inspired Chagoya’s work, and in an etching from the aforementioned series Chagoya even depicts the two artists together, shaking hands.

The exhibition is on view from April 23-November 7, 2021 at the Wadsworth Antheneum.
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