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Beautiful America

Xavier Carcelle met Doug Biggert by chance in 2004, while Biggert was working a newsstand in Sacramento. Intitially connecting over Carcelle's sneakers - which Biggert photographed - they eventually became friendly. After being invited to his house, Carcelle was suprised by the extent of Biggert's collections of photographs and their unique perspective. The relationship eventually  lead to exhibitions of Biggert's Hitchhiker Series in France and Belgium, and in 2007, a book of the 'Hitch-hikers' published by Michel Husson in Belgium. The following year Carcelle, with Chloé Colpé, shot the documentary, Beautiful America, about the artist and this expansive body of work.

Beautiful America, 2008

a film by Chloé Colpé and Xavier Carcelle