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Luis Cruz Azaceta

Luis Cruz Azaceta
My Head is Like a Burning House
ink, pastel, collage/paper 
22 x 30 inches 
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Enrique Chagoya Border Patrol

Enrique Chagoya
Border Patrol
acrylic and oil on Amate paper
48 x 70 inches

William T. Wiley

William T. Wiley
Ground Wire
ink marker on paper
22 x 30 inches


Press Release

Out of 'Toon

Jan 19 - Feb 23, 1996

On Friday, January 19th, the George Adams Gallery will open an group invitational exhibition titled Out of 'Toon: Another Look at Art and the Comics. The exhibition will include works by 17 artists whose materials, techniques and/or attitude have been largely shaped by their exposure to cartoons and the comics. The exhibition will focus primarily on works on paper, but will also include paintings, sculptures and prints, and certain artists will be represented by works in more than one medium. 

The artists included in the exhibition are, in alphabetical order: Robert Arneson, Luis Cruz Azaceta, James Barsness, Jose Bedia, Joan Brown, Enrique Chagoya, Robbie Conal, Roy DeForest, Dan Freeman, Philip Knoll, China Marks, David Sandlin, Peter Saul, Richard Shaw, Allyson Smith, Kara Walker, H.C.Westermann and William T. Wiley.

Several of the artists in the exhibition mimic both the style of comics and cartoons, such as Enrique Chagoya, Dan Freeman, David Sandlin and H.C. Westermann. These artists incorporate not only the characteristic graphics, but often employ the narrative devices as well. Others, such as Arneson, Joan Brown and William Wiley have incorporated stylistic elements more subtley, using found materials, intense color, and language to reflect a more casual  attitude towards their art.

Exhibition Checklist


1. Dan Freeman
David Duke, 1995
acrylic on paper
29 x 22 1/4 inches


2. Robbie Conal
Winkin' Blinkin' Nod, 1995
digital print
11 x 20 inches
edition 6 of 10


3. Dan Freeman
Running Things in the New South, Part XI (Helms), 1995
acrylic on paper
29 3/4 x 22 1/4 inches


4. Enrique Chagoya
Border Patrol, 1994
acrylic and oil on Amate paper
48 x 70 inches

5. Philip Knoll
Untitled (Dog)
oil pastel on paper
11 x 14 inches


6. William T. Wiley
Ground Wire, 1973
ink marker on paper
22 x 30 inches


7. William T.Wiley
Hard Rock Painter, 1967
watercolor and ink on paper
23 3/4 x 18 inches

8. Luis Cruz Azaceta
My Head is Like a Burning House, 1981
ink, pastel, collage on paper
22 x 30 inches

9. Allyson Smith
Group of 6 Untitled Drawings, 1994
acrylic on paper
22 x 15 inches