William Beckman

Man and Woman


oil on panel

79 x 79 inches

William Beckman

Study for "Man and Woman" (After Cezanne)


charcoal on paper

90 x 70 1/2 inches

William Beckman

Study for "Overcoat"


oil on paper

14 1/4 x 14 1/4 inches

William Beckman

Scale Study for "Woman and Man"


charcoal, crayon on gessoed paper

90 x 71 1/4 inches

William Beckman

Study for "Woman and Man"


pencil on paper

28 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches

William Beckman

Woman and Man


oil on panel

84 x 84 inches

Press Release

William Beckman: New Paintings and Related Works on Paper
September 8 – October 19, 1988

On Thursday, September 8, the Frumkin/Adams Gallery will open an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by William Beckman. The exhibition will feature two new over-life-size oil on panel paintings of the artist and model as well as two charcoal studies on the same scale.

Beckman, 46, has been working with the subject of the artist and model—his wife, Diana—for over 20 years.  He has painted numerous self-portraits, portraits of Diana and double portraits such as those in the current exhibition.  Working in painstaking detail to record the changes – psychological as well as physical – that occur over time, Beckman has produced what amounts to a visual record of his life.

In the two paintings in the current exhibition, “Man and Woman” (1985-87) and “Woman and Man” (1987-88), the two large figures, she nude, he partially clothed, stand in an environment implied only by a series of colored panels. The austerity of the composition, the scale and the intimate rendering of the figures establishes a confrontational mood that effects the subjects as well as the viewer.  As Carl Belz, Director of the Rose Art Museum and author of “Beckman’s Couples” notes of the self-portrait in both paintings, “when he stares out at us…it is to stop us and turn consciousness back upon ourselves,” These new paintings are not so much portraits as an implicit history of a relationship to which the viewer is witness.

The William Beckman exhibition will open September 8th and continue through October 19th. The Frumkin/Adams Gallery hours are 10 – 6 Tuesday through Friday and 11 – 5:30 on Saturdays.