Peter Saul

Custer's Last Stand


oil and acrylic on canvas

72 x 108 inches

Peter Saul

The Alamo


oil and acrylic on canvas

84 x 120 inches

Peter Saul

The Last Judgement 


acrylic and oil on canvas

107 1/2 x 95 3/4 inches

Peter Saul

The Raft and the Medusa


oil and acrylic on canvas

78 x 96 inches

Press Release

Recent Paintings: Heroic Times
Mar 3 - Mar 31, 1992

During March, Peter Saul will show four large recent paintings in Heroic Themes at the Frumkin/Adams Gallery. It is the artist's 15th one-man show here in 30 years and the first since his museum retrospective which toured the U.S. in 1989-90.

The earliest work in the current show, Custer's Last Stand, dates from 1989 and represents a return to a theme Saul painted in the 1970s. This latest work shows clearly Saul's evolution: it is much more focused on the central incident in the battle- Custer's death- and the whole work is more richly and volumetrically painted then the earlier versions. Next, chronologically, are new subjects for Saul: The battle of The Alamo (1990) followed by The Raft of the Medusa, a send-up of Gericault's painting executed while Saul was living in Europe last year. The fourth and most recent work on view is The Last Judgement which carries Saul's interests in the "great themes" into new territory. 

The Peter Saul exhibition will open on March 3rd and run through the month. The exhibition is accompanied by a color folder reproducing three of the paintings in the show.