Press Release

Young and Old: Portraits of 20th Century Artists
Feb 2 - Feb 27, 1993

James McGarrell's new exhibition of paintings at the Frumkin/Adams Gallery is a tribute to his artistic heroes of the 20th century. The series, begun over a year ago, is titled Young and Old. The works in the show depict the artist both as a child and as an adult, posed in imagined settings and surrounded by images relating to his or her life and work. The series includes writers, composers, filmmakers, but only one painter, Edwin Dickinson.

The central portrait in the series - and the only diptych- is that of James Joyce. The entire group includes Igor Stravinsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Elizabeth Bishop, Orson Welles, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, Ezra Pound and Charlie Chaplin.

James McGarrell has been exhibiting at Frumkin/Admas for over thirty years, as well as throughout the US and Europe. At the close of this exhibition the entire series will travel to Dartmouth College where it will be on view from March 9 though April 25th. 

The McGarrell exhibition will run from February 2 to February 27. The Frumkin/Adams Gallery is open from 10 to 6, Tuesday through Friday, and from 10 to 5:30 on Saturdays.