James McGarrell
New Paintings
Apr 2  - Apr 27, 1991


James McGarrell will have his fourteenth one-man show in New York in April. The artist, whose newest work is full of energy and ideas, will show two large new diptychs and a group of related paintings.


James McGarrell's work has defied categorization for a long time. While grouped occasionally with the realists, he is clearly of a different persuasion. He never paints "from life" and in the catalogue which accompanies the exhibition, he indicates a preference for the term "fiction painting" to describe his work.


The catalogue, which contains an interview with the artist, deals with his development over the past decade (which coincides with his return from Europe and his move to St. Louis.) The catalogue reproduces a number of key works from the past decade, to show the artist's development, as well as the new work on view.


The McGarrell exhibition will open on April 2nd and run through April 27th. The Frumkin/Adams Gallery is open from 10 to 6, Tuesday through Friday, and from 10 to 5:30 on Saturdays.