Press Release

Color Photographs (Drawing Gallery)
Nov 18 - Dec 21, 1992

During November and December, the Frumkin/Adams Gallery will exhibit color photographs by Arthur Leipzig in the Drawing Gallery.  His second one-man exhibition at Frumkin/Adams, this is the first to be devoted exclusively to his color work. Featured in the exhibition are photographs dating from the final years of his association with the Photo League in the early 1950s to his years as a Professor of Art at Long Island University during the 1970s and 1980s. The works in the exhibition focus on people, and his subjects range from candid images of commuters on the New York City subway to workers on a North Sea oil rig and bus riders in Peru.

Arthur Leipzig is the subject of a major retrospective being organized by the International Center for Photography scheduled to open in New York next fall and tour the U.S. In addition, a monograph on is photographs of life in New York City is currently being prepared for publication.