Richard Shaw

Blue House at night


glazed porcelain

17 x 26 x 19 inches

Abelardo Morell, Jr.

Camera Obscura Image of Houses Across the Street in our Bedroom


gelatin silver pring

20 x 24 inches

Roy De Forest

Castaway’s Kitchen


acrylic, oil, hydrocal on panel

22 ½ x 35 inches

Robert Arneson



glazed ceramic

92 x 26 x 22 inches

Nancy Lloyd

Claverack, New York


dye coupler print

16 x 20 inches

Sandy Skoglund

Cocktail Party


cibachrome print

48 x 66 inches

Sandy Winters

Dangerous Subtext


conte and pencil on collaged paper

40 x 60 inches

Arthur Leipzig

Death of an Infant, Jungle Hospital, Honduras

1962 (printed 1989)

gelatin silver print

20 x 16 1/8 inches

James Surls

Face the Wind


oak, black gum, poplar

41 x 31 x 15 ½ inches

Peter Saul

Ice Box # 1


oil canvas

69 x 58 ½ inches

James Andrew Brown



plastic, paint, metal and fiber

29 x 19 x 14

Luis Cruz Azaceta

My Head is like a Burning House


ink, pastel, collage on paper

22 x 30 inches

Manny Farber

Pomegranates or the Red Marker


oil on panels

45 x 64 inches overall

Phillip Wofford

Spirit Catcher: The Wizard


mixed media on wood

36 x 33 x 9 ½ inches

James Valerio

Still Life on Kitchen Table


graphite on paper

38 ¼ x 50 inches

Jack Beal

Still Life with Chair & Self Portrait


oil on canvas

34 ¼ x 40 inches

Diane Edison

Still Life with Self Portrait


colored pencil on black paper

30 x 21 ¾ inches

William Eggleston

Tallahatchie County, Mississippi

ca. 1972

dye transfer print, edition # 7 of 9

11 ¼ x 17 inches

Tina Barney

The Portrait


chromogenic color print, edition # 6 of 10

48 x 60 inches

Robert Hudson

Trap Door


steel, enamel with mixed media

85 x 56 ½ x 45 inches

Teun Hocks



silver print with oil paint

44 ¼ x 63 inches

Arthur Leipzig

Woman in the Doorway, West Virginia

1947 (printed 1989)

gelatin silver print

9 ¼ x 7 ¼ inches

Colin Lanceley

Workmen in the House


oil on canvas on wood

68 ½ x 46 inches

Press Release

Around the House: Invitational Exhibition of Paintings, Drawing, Sculpture and Photography
Jun 10 - Aug 10, 1994

On Friday June 10th the Frumkin/Adams Gallery will open Around the House, an invitational group exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture on domestic themes. The exhibition will include gallery artists Arneson, Azaceta, Beal, Bedia, Brown, DeForest, Lanceley, McGarrell, Saul, Shaw, Valerio and Wofford as well as works by Chester Arnold, James Andrew Brown, Lesley Dill, Jeremy Eagle, Diane Edison, Manny Farber, Gaylene Hansen, Robert Hudson and James Suris. The exhibition, which continues through August 10th, ranges from traditional interiors and still-life to assemblages of found objects as diverse as a trumpet, a rollerskate and a teapot.

In addition, starting June 30th the show will expand into the Drawing Gallery with an invitational exhibition of photographs. Around the House: Photographs will feature works in black and white and in color by Tina Barney, Rudy Burckhardt, William Eggelston, Teun Hocks, Maggie Hopp, Arthur Leipzig, Nancy Lloyd, Sally Mann, Abelardo Morell, Sandy Skoglund and Thomas Tulis.

During the summer the Frumkin/Adams Gallery will be open Monday through Friday from 10 to 5. The gallery is clothes Saturdays through Labor Day.